Dream, deferred – or; why I enrolled as an adult learner.

As some may already have noted in previous blog post’s, I am a graduate and studied as a mature student. This was not a decision I took lightly in the beginning.

When I was in Secondary education I always thought I would go to university, I just never decided what I would do. I really liked history and philosophy, but I was always more curious about the entertainment industry and media in general. I Went on, in the end, to start a multi-media course at a local college, focusing on television and radio production.  I did enjoy this and did well, eventually being offered a summer placement with a major broadcaster as an unpaid intern. At the same time, I was working part time at two different places and would have to abandon at least one of these to carry on. Having decided to move out while in college to at 17, I could not afford to take the placement at the time so turned it down. A lot of further thought went into this over that summer and I decided I could not really afford to complete college and pay the rent, so I left.

I didn’t mourn over this decision, I knew it was the right thing to do at the time but I resolved to revisit education again in the future.

A few years down the line I had evolved, my needs and wants changing, I realised that for me to make a living in my desired field I didn’t need to go to university. I had other training and obtained other qualifications but a degree was now superfluous.

So I decided to Enrol part time in university.

(not a typo)

It was when I relised that I didnt need to obtain a degree that I wanted to try. I started in History with a specialisation in Film history and politics, then I moved onto philosophy and a few years later qualified. I didn’t do it for advancement or prestige, I did it for the love of learning and I do consider myself lucky that I was able to. I feel that my life has been greatly improved by the studying I have completed, I feel that I changed a lot in the process and importantly I don’t think I would have gained as much from studying if I had gone to university when I was younger I would not have gained as much from the experience or learned as much.

Everyone is different and everyone learns in a different way.  What I am trying to say, if I am saying anything at all, is that just because you can’t do it now, don’t feel that you never can.  If you have gone past university age and feel like there is more out there, you can do a lot worse than to pick up a prospectus from the Open University. Although I am aware that the courses they do suit broad education needs and a degree awarded by the OU is well appreciated by employers (which makes sense, it’s a much better indicator of putting the effort in when someone has gone back as an adult and studied around work) I really think it’s a brilliant way to improve oneself outside of career goals.

I am very proud of my qualification, I am proud that despite moving home hundreds of miles away, getting married, starting a family and changing careers I stuck with it and achieved my goals and now I feel like I am a different, improved person.


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