Loot Crate DX January 2017, Review – or; A concise critique or the higher priced LC .

As a follow up to my review of the much enjoyed Loot Crate yesterday, the “Origins” theme carries on to the deluxe version. Obviously, there will be spoilers from here on out so be warned, and if you want to give these a go yourself feel free to use my link here.

When first opening the box there was a fantastic interior decoration of a transformers scene, hinting at the first item I Looked at which was the wearable to the month (picture of the whole contents at the foot of the page). It’s a soft feeling long sleeve short which is reminiscent of another one LC sent out with a Skeletor them some months ago (one of my most comfortable and favourite tees) so I am hoping when I get a chance to wear it it’s just as comfortable. The design is an exploded schematic of Optimus prime.  A series of films over the last few years have pushed me away from the brand but the nostalgia in this design restores some hope I will enjoy wearing the shirt.

The next item is the Pin, much like the core crate there is one in every box and although they don’t come with the digital bonus items, they are oversized and usually the designs are pretty cool. This month does not disappoint, being the logo from the 1960s Batman TV series, which although a long way from the darker Batman of the books and recent films, always holds a charming quarter in my pun-loving camp heart.  Just as well really as the box also contains another Batman item from the same era.

This next item is labelled as “1960s Batman bendable Figures” and I was initially disappointed. I like to collect figures (Funko, QMx etc) so the initial look of these items put me off, but when my daughter saw them she was thrilled.  It occurred to me that perhaps I am expecting too much from these figures as shelf pieces, they are toys to be taken out of the box and played with! I did just that (well, I took them out of the box, my elated daughter plays with them!).  I have a whole shelf of batman themed items and I think that this one can escape the dust and one-sided light bleaching and suffer a fate at the hands of an impetuous 7-year-old with a superhero fascination, although I imagine to a lot of subscribers this would be the weak item in the box, to me it works well after all.

I was surprised upon moving on that the next item appeared to be the same comic from the box I opened yesterday. Hmmm, LC don’t usually double up…


But Wait! it’s not another reprint od Adventure comics number one, but a metal 3D poster of the sam. This is actually a cool item made better only by the realisation that there is another one in the box too bearing the design of Detective comics issue 27.  These are the first appearances of Superman and Batman respectively and perfectly fit in with the “origins” theme.  Very Impressed.  I have for the time being added DC27 to my pin board as I prefer the artwork, I have taken a picture but you can’t really appreciate the 3D element.  (to make up for this, please enjoy noticing my ducky pins holding the poster up!)



The last item is a book, or in truth, some of a book.  This is a Habit LC has taken to recently of re-publishing low-fat editions of books.  I actually don’t mind this, as I am sure that there are several reasons for such a method including keeping the cost of the box down overall and not limiting the sales of the original publisher.  In this case, it is a book by Tim Lapetino called “Art of Atari” (Capsule edition).  The page count is 119 compared to the 352 on the original Hardcover (sold on amazon in the UK for £23.39 currently, over a third of the box cost) or the Special edition-Hardback with slipcase, £89 (around 25% more than the whole LC box itself) with the same page count.  When taking this into consideration I feel this “Capsule Edition” is ideal for the box. I have had a flick through and immediately the book seems geat quality and does not seem to be framed as a reduced edition, there isn’t the last page that says “pay more for the rest” it feels like a complete piece.  I am sure that the devoted fan of Atari artwork will prefer the larger book (still on sale remember) but I think this version is better for the average Looter, who will likely not have been subscribing to the box that on the off chance a very specific book has been included.  Great item.

Well, that’s it for this box, I think it certainly earns its ticket price overall but on this occasion, I think the Core box was my preference for January.  This isn’t always the case.  Overall both boxes have been sound to the theme and I feel that all the items are worthwhile.

What about you? are you already a Looter? How did you get on with this Box?

DX contents.JPG

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