Loot Crate February 2017 Review

Hi All,

So another Box came today full of goodies!

Main.JPGSo let’s get straight into the review.

As usual there is a T-shirt with a set design that everyone receives as an exclusive (I am actually starting to enjoy the minor life thrill of noticing people out and about in shirts I know have come from a Loot Crate!) and this month it is a Power Rangers schematic shirt in dark navy with white design.  I used to like power rangers as a kid, I suppose it makes sense to bring this back to the mainstream as there is a movie about to land with a reboot of the franchise.  We have seen a few schematic style shirts lately – can’t say I really enjoy them all that much, to be honest. At least its Navy and not black, I am always disappointed with either white or black shirts. The quality is good, nice and comfortable.

There is also a Pin in the box as always – this month a Power ranger theme again carrying through with the Megazord which in full colour and nicely cut looks actually really cool, better than the shirt. This pin takes its place on my cork board with all the previous ones over the last year plus. The pin is a clue to the downloadable content which I think is a great added value item for each box, this time it’s a comic pack (Power Rangers) from ComiXology which I have downloaded but not yet read. If they are half as good as the TMNT one’s from last month then they will be worthwhile.

Next, up there are some magnets in the shape as Tetris blocks – not a lot more description can be given to these – but they are great colours and a nice addition to the random assortment of magnets on our fridge. It is a good item and fits the theme well so a pleasant inclusion overall.

From what I see looking around the most divisive item this month among the Looters is the Lego Dimensions item.  At first, when I saw these would be included I thought that this item might frustrate people that don’t have the game – sure they will still have a character and vehicle model but the interactive nature of the item is the selling point. For me, however, this is perfect timing as you will see from my recent review I have recently purchased Lego Dimensions!  I got the Cyborg character, looking online there are a couple of other options I may have preferred but this is still a really nice looking set and I will enjoy building it later.  Where I am buying this figure today costs £9.18 so its a good value item for the box, but I am aware that in the US people have found them for as low as $1 which causes some concern from some.

The last physical item in the box is the Food Container (Note: I did not receivebat-bowl the magazine this month, but I have contacted LC to ask if they can send it on).  this is a great item in the style of Lego Batman and is dual insulated so will be good for keeping (my first thought) a bowl of noodles.  It would be equally useful to keep ice cream a little cooler for a picnic I suspect.

Another good use might be for keeping popcorn in while watching a movie, keeping a few biscuits fresh (that’s Cookies to you friends int he US) or even just to sit on a shelf with all my other batman collectibles as a quirky addition.

I am inclined to believe I will fill it with Jelly babies and leave it on a table in the living room.


There was another thing in this box too actually, just a small card teasing “The secret order of the keys” and giving a loot crate web address which at the time of writing links you back to the main page. More on this as it becomes apparent!

That concludes the review this month, and I would say I am particularly pleased with the Lego Dimensions item and the Food container this time round.  I will need to look into the keys thing a little more.

I won’t be recieving the DX this month as the properties did not appeal to me but I have instead ordered teh Marvel Gear box which is set to contain a host of Weapon X themese items which I am looking forward to reviewing!


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